From Sketch to Shelves: How a Frenchie Inspired Our Eco-Friendly Greeting Card Line

From Sketch to Shelves: How a Frenchie Inspired Our Eco-Friendly Greeting Card Line

At Noted by Copine, we are a unique blend of fashion and pet love in our illustrations, making us stand out in the greeting card market. As two sisters living in NYC, we were inspired by our love for both fashion and pets to create a brand that was minimal yet graphic, cute but not overly so. Our brand is also eco-friendly, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Our inspiration for starting this venture was Sonia's beloved French bulldog, Louis. Our first hand-drawn card was of Louis, and it quickly became a bestseller. Our established presence in NYC and partnerships with museum stores have allowed us to reach a wider audience and fill the gap for stylish, niche greeting cards. We are excited to continue expanding our collection beyond just French bulldogs and offer other breeds, spreading our love for pets one card at a time.

Drawing Inspiration from Our Four-Legged Muse

Louis, our four-legged muse, is the epitome of charm and has been a constant source of inspiration for our greeting cards. This adorable French bulldog has a penchant for basking in the sunlight, indulging in the joy of laziness and other typical Frenchie pastimes. His endearing quirks are beautifully captured in our French bulldog hand illustrations, which have gained significant popularity. Each card portrays a different side of Louis, allowing our customers to relate with their lovable, carefree spirits. His expressive eyes, perky ears, and distinct personality have been beautifully translated into our cards, making each one unique and special. It's Louis's captivating charm that fuels our creativity, pushing us to capture not just the aesthetic of French bulldogs, but their spirit too.

This is Louis!

Eco-Friendly from the Outset

From the inception of Noted by Copine, we were steadfast in our decision to intertwine our love for pets with our responsibility towards the planet. Our eco-friendly ethos is embedded in every aspect of our brand, right from the paper we use to the packaging. We have taken painstaking efforts to ensure that our greeting cards and envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper, thus significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We also use soy-based inks, which are a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based inks. They are not only less harmful to the environment but also deliver richer colors. Our packaging too is plastic-free, adhering to our pledge of being green. Additionally, we have partnered with printers who share our commitment to the environment, thus maintaining an eco-friendly supply chain. We believe that small, conscious choices can collectively make a substantial difference, and we are proud to be part of the solution in the greeting card industry.

This article from DailyPaws about 10 other sustainable pet brands is great! 

More Than Just French Bulldogs

While our brand has become synonymous with French bulldog illustrations, we are thrilled to be expanding our portfolio to include other dog breeds. The universality of love for dogs extends beyond French bulldogs, and we are eager to tap into that sentiment. Our upcoming range of greeting cards will feature breeds like golden retrievers, dachshunds, and pugs among others. Each breed has its own distinct charm and personality, and our aim is to reflect that in our hand-drawn illustrations. While Louis will always hold a special place in our hearts and product line, we are excited to introduce new four-legged muses that will continue to inspire our creativity and resonate with our customers. We believe that every dog lover should find a greeting card that echoes their affection for their furry companion, and we are committed to making that a reality.

Image above from the New York Times Article "The Price French Bulldogs Pay for Being So Cute" 

Greeting Cards: A Canvas for Connection

In the digital age, sending a physical greeting card is a deeply personal gesture that fosters meaningful connections. At Noted by Copine, we believe that each of our hand-illustrated cards is more than just paper—it's a canvas for expressing love, friendship, and compassion. Whether it's a card featuring Louis, the charming French bulldog, or another adorable breed, it's about creating an emotional bond that transcends words. Our cards are not just for dog lovers; they're for anyone seeking to communicate their sentiments in a unique, heartfelt manner. The joy that a recipient experiences upon receiving and opening our greeting card—feeling the texture of the recycled paper, admiring the rich colors from soy-based inks, and connecting with the lovable pet illustration—is immeasurable. This tangible, sensory experience is something that e-cards can't replicate. Through our cards, we hope to help our customers cultivate deeper relationships and share their love for pets in an eco-friendly, stylish way. After all, a picture of a beloved pet is worth more than a thousand words—it's a symbol of love, companionship, and shared memories.

Future Steps for Noted by Copine

Looking towards the future, we aim to make Noted by Copine even more personal for our customers. We understand that every pet holds a special place in their owner's heart, each with its own quirks and personality. That's why we're excited to announce our upcoming service—custom greeting cards. This new offering will allow our customers to have their own beloved pet hand-drawn on our eco-friendly cards. Whether it's a French bulldog, a golden retriever, or any other breed, we're ready to capture their charm in our unique style. This way, our customers can share not only their love for pets but also their own pet's spirit with their loved ones. We can't wait to see the joy these custom cards bring to both our customers and their recipients, fostering stronger connections one pet portrait at a time. The future looks bright for Noted by Copine, and we're thrilled to take you along on this journey.


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