The Pawsome Ten: Most Popular Dog Breeds on Greeting Cards

The Pawsome Ten: Most Popular Dog Breeds on Greeting Cards

With our ever-growing fondness for man’s best friend, it’s no surprise that dogs have become a popular motif on greeting cards. Noted by Copine, a brand renowned for its beautiful hand-illustrated dog designs, has compiled a list of the top ten dog breeds that people can't get enough of on their cards. So let's unveil the ‘Pawsome 

This is Sam, he is Pawsome and thinks anything is Paws-sible! Owner of Sam, Alex Proba

1.  Labrador Retrievers - The Epitome of Cheerfulness

Labrador Retrievers, known for their joyful and energetic nature, have a way of spreading cheer, making them a popular choice for greeting cards. Their playful spirit and lovable demeanor, showcased through hand-illustrated designs, exude positivity. These cards are an excellent choice for adding a dose of happiness to a celebration or sending a pick-me-up to a dear friend.

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2. German Shepherd – The Symbol of Loyalty 

German Shepherds are cherished for their unwavering loyalty, making them a beloved subject on greeting cards. Their sturdy build and attentive gaze, reflected in every hand-drawn detail, convey a strong message of dedication and trust. These cards are ideal for occasions honoring commitment and enduring relationships, such as anniversaries and deep friendships.

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3. Golden Retriever – The Embodiment of Warmth

Golden Retrievers are instantly recognizable by their radiant eyes and soft, comforting expressions, making them a go-to choice for greeting cards that evoke feelings of warmth and solace. The hand-drawn designs capture their amiable nature, translating it into a palpable feeling of homely warmth. Golden Retriever cards, with their undeniable charm, are ideal for sending warm wishes on birthdays, during the holidays, or simply to let someone know they're on your mind.

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4. French Bulldog - The Icon of Cuteness

Who can resist the appeal of a French Bulldog? With their compact size and signature bat ears, they're an emblem of cuteness on any greeting card. The undeniable charm of these little pups makes French Bulldog cards a charming choice for any occasion that calls for a dose of joy or a lighthearted sentiment. 

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5. Beagle - The Picture of Innocence

With their wide, innocent eyes and playful antics, Beagles easily tug at our heartstrings. Their pure, unspoiled nature shines through on every greeting card, effortlessly conveying sentiments of heartfelt sincerity. Beagle-themed cards, through their intricate hand-illustrated details, offer the perfect means to express heartfelt apologies, or extend warm, gentle sentiments to someone special.

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6. Poodle – The Emblem of Elegance

The poised and elegant Poodle exudes sophistication, which is elegantly translated in our hand-illustrated greeting cards. Their refined grace lends itself perfectly to expressing sentiments that require a touch of class. Poodle-themed cards, therefore, have become a popular choice for wedding wishes, formal event invitations, or for reaching out to individuals with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

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7. Rottweiler – The Mark of Strength

Renowned for their sturdy build and confident demeanor, Rottweilers embody strength and resilience. Their powerful presence, depicted through the precise strokes of our hand-illustrated greeting cards, delivers a bold statement of support. Whether it's cheering on a friend during tough times, or acknowledging the tenacity of a loved one, a Rottweiler card serves as an emblem of enduring strength and courage.

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8. Yorkshire Terrier – The Bundle of Joy

Don't let their small size fool you, Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, are big on personality. Their vivacious spirit and endearing demeanor radiate joy, making them a delightful choice for greeting cards. With every detailed, hand-illustrated card, their exuberant character shines, perfect for conveying lively, heartening messages

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9. Boxer - The Show of Enthusiasm

Boxers are a veritable source of energy and amusement. Their playful antics, captured with precision in our greeting cards, are sure to spread cheer. The lively nature of these hand-illustrated Boxer cards makes them a top choice for festive occasions like birthdays, celebratory messages, or simply to infuse some enthusiasm into someone's day.

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10. Dachshund - The Definition of Quirkiness

Dachshunds, with their distinct elongated bodies and stubby legs, personify quirkiness. Their unique silhouette and playful spirit bring a whimsical charm to our hand-illustrated greeting cards. Perfect for those wanting to inject a bit of humor or distinctiveness into their message, Dachshund cards are sure to make a memorable statement.

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Here are some examples of our pawsome hand illustrated pet greeting cards. 


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